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THE DECOY GIRLFRIEND by Lillie Vale Kirkus Star


by Lillie Vale

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 2022
ISBN: 978-0-593-42202-1
Publisher: Putnam

A struggling author agrees to swap places with her celebrity look-alike—and starts falling for her doppelgänger's co-star in the process.

Freya Lal is facing the biggest struggle of her professional life—how on Earth is she going to write a follow-up to her successful debut novel, with the deadline for her first draft looming in a matter of weeks, when she's lacking any inspiration? Rather than continue to fret, she decides to retreat into a newer pastime: dolling herself up and pretending to be the actress Mandi Roy. The two of them look enough alike that people always assume Freya is Mandi, meaning she's been scoring benefits all over town. Unfortunately, one scheme hits the tabloids, and Mandi figures out what's going on, but rather than out Freya immediately, she decides to offer the author a different kind of deal: She wants Freya to keep the impersonation going for the next four weeks so Mandi can enjoy some much-needed R&R. That said, Freya will also have to maintain the fauxmance that Mandi's had with her co-star Taft Bamber for the last several years. While Mandi and Taft have always kept things platonic behind the scenes, using their staged relationship to benefit their star power, Freya doesn't want to pretend Taft is her boyfriend because her feelings for him start to become very, very real. To make matters more complicated, Taft is pretty sure he's falling for Freya, too, and when the two have to move in together in order to sell their decoy dynamic, it turns out they like playing house and all that it entails. The closer they get to the end of their four-week relationship, the harder it becomes to act as though their connection hasn't been real from the beginning. This is a perfectly engaging, flirty rom-com staged around a couple that any reader will be able to fall for.

An irresistible romance.