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Let Me Fall by Lily Foster

Let Me Fall

by Lily Foster

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace

New-adult fiction about a dyslexic high school football star and the only girl who understands him.

In the fifth installment of her Let Me series, Foster (Let Me Heal Your Heart, 2015, etc.) introduces Carolyn Harris, a motivated and competent high schooler who has her entire future mapped out. She is a stellar student, a self-declared science nerd, and the kindest member of her perpetually back-stabbing group of friends. She is also dating Drew Oliver, the alpha male of the senior class. Unfortunately, Carolyn is much more interested in Jeremy Rivers, the bad boy who returns to her high school after many years at a school for students with learning disabilities. Carolyn is nervous but secretly delighted when she is asked by the school counselor to tutor Jeremy. They grow close, and Carolyn realizes that she cares more deeply for Jeremy than Drew. After she dumps Drew, Jeremy and Carolyn can be together, much to the reader’s delight. As soon as it seems they couldn’t possibly be happier, however, a whirlwind of disastrous events occurs. A secret from Carolyn’s past emerges, and Drew commits a violent act that upends everyone’s lives. Carolyn’s affluent suburban community suddenly shuns her, and her long-term life plans begin unraveling. She pushes Jeremy away, determining herself unworthy of his love. The novel toggles between Carolyn’s and Jeremy’s alternating perspectives, allowing the reader to understand their motivations for their often counterproductive actions. With her character-driven plot and fast-moving storyline, Foster easily keeps readers engaged. Although the ending isn’t surprising, the journey toward that resolution is fraught with unexpected twists. Foster’s prose is easygoing and readable, but she still tackles weighty issues in this romantic story, ranging from bullying and sex shaming to mental illness and living with learning disabilities.    

An involving tale of love and redemption that will satisfy discerning fans of the new-adult genre.