SEA FOOD COOKERY by Lily Haxworth Wallace


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A good cookbook we almost missed. My standbye on seafood cookery has been the Brown's Fish and Sea Food Cookbook -- but in comparison to this, that book seems definitely de luxe and pre-rationing. (Plus the fact that the neophyte in the kitchen gets small shift.) Here is a book that starts with purchase, preparation, methods of cooking; that supplies excellent charts of all kinds of fish, locals, season, garnishes, accompaniments, fitting into menus. The recipes are arranged as follows:-appetizers, soups, salt water fish, fresh water fish, sauces, stuffings, leftovers, canned fish, salt and smoked fish, salads, sandwiches. I missed the uses of fish in casserole cookery (but for that Barrows publishes Miss Broderick's book), but otherwise found it an excellent general coverage.

Publisher: Barrows