RETURN TO LIFE by Lily MacLeod


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An intimate and affecting account of a cancer cure which has been written ""for the well who become sick- and the sick who are to become well"" in an attempt to lessen the taboos of cancer- silence and the fear which is synonomous with this disease. Here, in the record of her own illness and the therapies which were applied, is also the seismograph of her own responses from the first fear and revulsion and rejection at the diagnosis. Unwilling to tell the two closest to her, her mother and her daughter, she went through the first series of X-ray treatments alone, and after an interim period of a few weeks, found that it had failed. Subjected next to hospitalization, and a painful period of radium treatment, there followed not only exhaustion but panic and despair before she found a certain faith and sustaining serenity.... Vulnerable, communicative, this achieves its definite intention and should find its audience.

Publisher: Lippincott