EGG COOKERY by Lily Maworth Wallace
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This is far and away the best book on egg dishes that I have seen. Every question I've ever found unanswered in other books finds its answer here. Introductory chapters on nutritive value of eggs, on selection, storage, preparation; terms; handling of leftover eggs. The main part of the book consists of recipes (designed for four servings), and the order followed is, -- boiled, pached, , crambled, shirred, fried, hard omelets, souffles, egg salads, egg sandwiches, sauces, salad dressings, desserts, fillings and frostings, meringues, egg drinks, hot breads, rarebits -- and eggs! The recipes are clearly and concisely stated; the neophyt is dered. It now remains only for me to try that chocolate souffle.

Publisher: Barrows