WRITING ON LIFE by Lincoln Barnett


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16 profiles, or close-ups, from Life magazine, these are very interesting examples not only in their material, but in the exposition, in the introduction and the prefaces to the individual biographies, of the modern framework of portraiture. For the mechanical processes are examined so that the commercial compound of the current character sketch forms a background for the diverse personalities of a decade herein limned. From Fred and Adele Astaire, Eisenhower, Generals Giraud and Marshall (whom he never met), Ernie Pyle, Mr. Piper and his Cub planes, to California lawyer Geisler, Bing Crosby, script writers Brackett and Wilder, Ingrid Bergman, Tennessee Williams, Lindsay and Crouse, Richard Rodgers, and winding up with producer Josh Logan and atomist Dr. Oppenheimer -- this offers a gallery of contemporary top figures, some journalized before their public fame, two who have died, and others whose reputations have gone further than when the article appeared. How the material is worked from the peripheral to the personal, the degree of congeniality, the collection of information and the problems of each individual case history -- all this offers excellent working material for journalism and English classes and presents an interest-holding array of personalities currently known, to a general reading public.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1951
Publisher: William Sloane