THE WORLD WE LIVE IN by Lincoln The Editorial Staff of Life & Barnett


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Two years of presentation in the pages of Life with the cooperative efforts of numerous scientists and institutions both in preparation and in checking, this series is now in book form, with an introduction by Vannevar Bush- a superb physical history of ""the world we live in"". The earth from its beginnings- the land, the seas, the mountains, the glaciers, the canopy of air, the evolution of life- all are brought into orderly progression, through an imaginative handling of scientific facts. Five billion years of natural history are panoramically presented in text, paintings, photographs and drawings. We go from the exotic to the familiar:- the life of the coral reefs, of the arctic tundras, the desert, the rain forests, to the woods and streams nearer home. We look beyond to the universe around us. We touch upon the miracles of science today, opening vistas into the future. This will make a superb gift book for family giving.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster