GHOST OF A CHANCE by Linda Crawford


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Kate is afraid that her ghostwriting will keep her from the more serious task of writing a book about her loveless childhood. But Beryl Swarr's story fascinates her, so Kate agrees to write Beryl's account of being held hostage for a week in a bank by a crazed killer. The project provides a diversion for Kate who is upset over her husband's recent infidelity. And an added strain on their marriage is the arrival of Kate's troubled teenaged stepson. Helping young Igor gives Kate a new perspective on her own life. Helping Beryl turns out to be a more dangerous proposition when Kate herself is suddenly stalked and abducted, the victim of a most bizarre hostage drama. Crawford creates a captivating little world--often amusing, sometimes touching. But it is only in the last quarter of the book that suspense is introduced and played out. This may come too late for mystery fans, and it may seem tacked on to readers who had become involved in the psychological interior of this novel. Still, this is a memorable, entertaining offering by the author of Vanishing Acts, Something To Make Us Happy and In A Class By Herself

Pub Date: June 27th, 1985
Publisher: Arbor House