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My Journey from Broken Trust to Trust Broker

by Linda Ginac

Pub Date: June 10th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0983456100
Publisher: The Ginac Group

Despite a troubled childhood, numerous career setbacks and a life-threatening health problem, a determined woman never gives up in this inspiring memoir.

From the outside it appears that Ginac and her husband Frank are living the American Dream—they live in a million-dollar home in Austin, Texas, have high-paying careers that afford them every luxury and have a much loved 5-year-old son. But shortly after Frank unexpectedly leaves his job, Linda is shocked to learn that she’s a casualty of massive layoffs, and so starts the long struggle for Linda and Frank to re-establish stability in their usually idyllic world. As the Ginac family tries to rebuild their life during one of the worst economic downturns imaginable, Linda recovers from a miscarriage, builds a new business from the ground up and defeats breast cancer. As she overcomes each obstacle, Linda realizes that her husband is truly her biggest supporter and that with him by her side she can conquer anything life throws at her. Ginac’s memoir is brutally honest and remarkably inspiring. While some will find much of the author’s interminable detail unnecessary and occasionally tedious, Ginac’s sincerity makes up for her deliberate style. The author’s penchant for spending money and her admitted lack of frugality will not resonate well with some readers, especially those who are still experiencing the worst that the current economy has to offer. But those who can look past Ginac’s shortcomings will find themselves awed by her candor and vulnerability. The author does not gloss over her often unrealistic expectations of her husband, nor does she sugarcoat her imperfect marriage. Instead, she portrays her struggles in a way that allows readers to sympathize with and relate to her. Readers who pick up this book will find their inadequacies and insecurities reflected in Ginac, and will ultimately be moved by her determination to succeed.

It’s not perfect, but this poignant memoir will motivate even the most disenchanted reader.