IT'S FALL! by Linda Glaser


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This celebration of all things autumn will delight young children as they begin to imagine piles of leaves for jumping and big orange pumpkins for carving. The lyrical text follows a young boy as he watches the animals and plants begin their journey into the colder months ahead. Readers will almost be able to hear the crunch of the fallen leaves underfoot and the rattling of the dry cattails—and smell the warm, salty smell of roasted pumpkin seeds through this first in a four-volume series that investigates the seasons. Beautiful photographs of cut paper that can only be described as sculptural accompany the simple text. From the young boy's spiky, orange hair to the wispy tendrils of the milkweed as it is caught up by the wind, the layers of color give the illustrations a depth that paint alone would have a difficult time replicating. Following the narrative is a section detailing many nature activities to do in the fall, including planting bulbs for the spring, creating a compost pile, and taking a moonlit walk. Nature seems to come alive within the pages of this beautiful and interesting tribute to the many joys of autumn. (Picture book. 4-8)

ISBN: 0761313427
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Millbrook