LOVE NOR MONEY by Linda Grant


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A two-part case for personality-pale San Francisco p.i. Catherine Sayler: first, expose much-lauded judge Samuel Reiter as a pedophile and habitual child-abuser/seducer as well as the man behind the death of alcoholic Mitch Morrison, one of his former victims; and, second, prove that lawyer Joe Girard, Mitch's cousin and another of the judge's former ""special"" boys, did not suddenly decide to murder the judge with the proverbial blunt instrument. Then who did? Charming young reporter Kevin Doyle cajoles Catherine into letting him help her sift through evidence/suspect lists/etc., while she also plays mom to her runaway niece Molly. Eventually, Catherine and Molly are kidnapped by one of the judge's more vicious pedophile chums (to protect his kiddie-porn trade), but it's Catherine's glimpse of a sweet young face in one of the judge's albums that helps establish who killed him. Like Blind Trust (1980), a silly compilation of Oprah and Donohue subjects (A.A. sobriety and anonymity/mother-daughter contretemps/victims' guilt) all earnestly--and tediously--explained at the primer level.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1991
Page count: 288pp
Publisher: Scribners