HORACE MORRIS by Linda Heller


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This has the look of pink-and-blue frosting, and it should be light as a cream-puff, but the forced humor falls flat. The pictures set the story about two generations ago, when knicker-clad Horace Morris shows up at Emmaline Potterton's for dinner and finds no one home. He is fed up with the Pottertons' excuses as they roll in one by one: Emmaline had to return a lost tap-dancing cat to its vaudeville owner; her mother got mixed up with two wild cockatoos on a bus; and her father got stuck in a ""giant brown wave"" when a molasses truck crashed on Fifth Avenue in the middle of a parade. This last, especially, gives Heller a chance to exercise her smart, nursery-mod illustration style; but even though the stories turn out to be true they don't invite you to picture the situations.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1981
Publisher: Macmillan