THE SAVORY SAUSAGE: A Culinary Tour A round the World by Linda Merinoff

THE SAVORY SAUSAGE: A Culinary Tour A round the World

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Merinoff, author of The Glorious Noodle (1986), does a lively job of immortalizing another humble treasure. Although there is information on sausage-making, with versions of bockwurst, chorizo, and so forth, this is not meant as a sausage manual per se. Its real focus is a large globe-trotting array of recipes or foods that happen to contain sausage or can by some stretch of the imagination be lumped in the sausage category--haggis (Irish version), nouvelle fish sausage, galantine of duck, stuffed grape leaves, anything using a forcemeat. Merinoff treks all over the place, from China (steamed turnip cake with Chinese sausage), Poland (borscht with kielbasa), and Italy (polenta with sweet sausages, lentils with cotechino) to Germany (bratwurst in beer sauce), Sweden (Christmas potato sausage), England (mixed grill), and the American canapÉ platter (pigs in blankets, that 1950's hostess' staple). Don't expect fanatic authenticity in everything--these directions won't produce anything close to Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple; the actual sausage recipes barely hint at the reality of homemade weisswurst, kielbasa, etc. But Merinoff is otherwise pretty conscientious about ethnic detail. Terrific selection of dishes, great all-round fun.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1987
Publisher: Poseidon/Simon & Schuster