MALIBU 90265 by Linda & Nancy Lee Andrews Lane

MALIBU 90265

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Lane and Andrews' first is a Hollywood-style smorgasbord of famous (and infamous) actors, producers and directors, all grasping greedily at the golden ring--while rolling in the hay. B.J. McClintock is a very married, very powerful studio-head whose secret vice is to drug and seduce young girls in his ""fantasy chalet"" in Aspen. His downfall begins when he actually falls in love with one of them--the lusciously innocent Bonnie Louise of Plunketville, Oklahoma--and brings her to Beverly Hills. As might be expected, Bonnie falls in love with someone else--here, James Dean-like heartthrob Zachary Steele. She eventually marries Steele, causing impotence and finally a well-deserved heart attack for B.J. That leaves B.J.'s second-in-command, Lara Miller, to take over the reins of the studio--even though she's been disappointed in love by Kevin Wenster, a dashing Australian producer. And that's not to mention the murderous machinations of lecherous plastic surgeon Morton Shipp (""the Shipp that launched a thousand faces""); or Holly Dandridge, the desperately aging sex goddess; or Bentine Devorac, daughter of a famous producer, now reduced to shopping with coupons at out-of-the-way supermarkets. . . Tasty if lightweight fare, served up with a welcome dash of humor.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1990
Publisher: Morrow