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EVERY LAST SECRET by Linda Rodriguez


by Linda Rodriguez

Pub Date: May 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-250-00545-8
Publisher: Minotaur

Leaving her stressful job as the highest-ranked woman with the Kansas City Police Department to take over a small-town campus police force poses more challenges than Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion had bargained for.

After her father resigns from the Kansas City force in disgrace and she follows him out the door, Skeet thinks that her new job will help her leave all that stress as far behind as her ex-husband. But her life quickly gets tougher after university-newspaper editor Andrew McAfee is found in his office with his head smashed in. Although Andrew, who had been Skeet’s neighbor, had a reputation as a troublemaker, his wife Tina Jamison, who’d been dumped by her professor spouse, and her son Brian are both devastated by the crime. It turns out that Andrew’s curiosity went far beyond his job with the paper. As Skeet begins to dig into motives for murder, she finds that Brian had a thriving blackmail business whose victims included several colleagues at the university. The administration, more worried about its fundraising drive than Andrew’s murder, is pressuring Skeet to cover up her discoveries. When Tina is killed, Skeet takes Brian into her home to protect him from someone who’s desperate to cover up the crime. Help in tracking down clues comes from the Brewster police chief and Skeet’s father, who gets badly beaten for his trouble. Despite the threat of losing her job, however, Skeet refuses to give up and puts her life in danger to track down a cold killer.

Skeet’s debut introduces a strong, intelligent woman detective with both a knack for solving crimes and a difficult personal life. The next episode can’t come too soon.