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by Lindsey Lane & illustrated by Melissa Iwai

Age Range: 3 - 5

Pub Date: April 21st, 2003
ISBN: 0-618-04328-4
Publisher: Clarion

Lane’s debut offers an inventive story of one child’s attempts to wake her parents from their sleep so she can put in an order for breakfast. The two-headed giant is fast asleep inside the cave on top of Snuggle Mountain and it’s up to Emma to scale the peak and save the giant from the Sleeping Spell. If she can climb all the way to the top of the rumbling mountain, she plans to ask the giant to make some pancakes for her. It’s not going to be an easy task. Obstacles include a dog and cat that have also fallen under the spell and the tendency for the mountain to occasionally have wild tremors, making climbing treacherous. Finally, Emma reaches the summit and climbs into the cave, trying hard to wake the giant. She realizes that what the giant really needs is sunlight and some noise. She supplies both and soon is leading the morning parade down to the kitchen for breakfast. Unfortunately for her parents, now that she knows she can climb the mountain, she thinks she might have pancakes for breakfast more often. Acrylic-and-pencil illustrations successfully turn the soft quilt into a craggy mountain and swirling blankets into a rushing stream. Muted colors and soft shading give this tribute to one child’s imagination a comforting twist. (Picture book. 3-5)