From Darkness to Light by Lindsey Lewis

From Darkness to Light

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Lewis, now a life coach, details how she quit her magazine job, traveled to France and Greece, and ultimately found a new love and career in this debut memoir.

From the outside, Lewis’ life looked glamorous. A Vancouver-based magazine editor, Lewis was invited to the city’s hot restaurant openings as well as offered fun, free trips. She was also in a seven-year live-in relationship with Joseph, whom she met in high school. Yet Lewis was also beset with anxiety and insomnia. Her quarter-life crisis came to a head when she and Joseph broke up (in part due to his staying out late drinking and flirting with other women). She moved to a miserable solo apartment, quit her job, and freelanced so she could take time to travel internationally. She first went to Paris, staying in a flat owned by a Vancouver yoga classmate. Then she traveled to Greece, a destination inspired by Iairos, a wise elderly man that she met while walking along the Vancouver waterfront. Feeling transformed by her experiences (which included writing and yoga), Lewis returned to Vancouver and soon secured a better apartment. She also befriended a local swami, who told her, “You are a guru,” and had a meaningful encounter with a Navajo medicine man (he gave her a special stone) on a trip to Arizona. By memoir’s end, Lewis fully embraced a new balanced lifestyle, which included, after first finally learning how to live happily on her own, a new, fulfilling relationship with her husband, Matt. Lewis has crafted a lively, impressionistic tale of her personal transformation that reads like an upbeat chick-lit novel, complete with a happy ending that features a chiropractor spouse and new town house. At times, this generally light, bright outlook is jarring within the narrative, with Lewis also incorporating some rather striking darker scenes regarding the creepy guy who attacked her in Greece as well as the intense neuroses that plagued her at the start of the book. Still, Lewis shows promise as a writer, making this an engaging debut.

A former editor’s charming quarter-life awakening account.

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