THE AUCTION PONY by Linell Smith
Kirkus Star


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There's a ringside seat here for any boy or girl who wants to know about horses, from breeding and birthing on to raising and schooling ponies. Nicky Davis, with the help of his grandfather, an old time breeder, buys a Welsh mare, the unmanageably skittery Guinevere who has excellent credentials. In time Nicky gentles her and Guinevere foals-- twins. When one of them dies (there are implied lessons all the way through- about death- about fair play -- etc.) Nicky must adjust to it and he comes out of his dispirited state to take an active part in training and grooming Guinevere for show. There is a lot for anyone to learn about lifemanship as well as horsemanship; and Linell Smith, while softspoken in tone, tells a great deal about horses (i.e. in competition, stallions have more flair and presence; grey ponies need a blue rinse; etc.).

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1965
Publisher: Little, Brown