ONE MAN'S FAMILY: A Single Father and His Children by Linley M. Stafford

ONE MAN'S FAMILY: A Single Father and His Children

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After his divorce, Stafford saw his two children every other weekend and for a month in summer, an arrangement that suited his city-bound life. Then son Preston, nearly 14, begged to live with him full-time and Stafford, startled at first, agreed to investigate. Preston did move in--a psychiatrist verified the urgency of his request--and sister Molly, missing Preston, joined them two years later. Stafford's account of his unexpected single parenthood documents how they coped (shopping-homework-cleaning particulars) and how it felt. Nearly everyone tried to dissuade him--women especially tsk-tsk-ed the situation--but he finds the joys of fatherhood uniquely fulfilling. And fortunately for all of them, the children's mother, although disappointed, did not resist either derision. Stafford insists theirs is a case in which, although his ex-wife was in no way deficient, he was the primary parent, and he says no more than that--presumably in respect of the family's privacy. Unquestionably, healthy finances helped, but readers will see that although money made it easier, genuine closeness and commitment made it work.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1978
Publisher: Random House