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by Lis Wiehl & April Henry

Pub Date: April 3rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59554-708-8
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

The surviving members of the Triple Threat (Hand of Fate, 2010, etc.) investigate the shocking murder of one of their own.

Allison Pierce and Nicole Hedges get suspicious when their friend, reporter Cassidy Shaw, doesn’t show up for a night out. It’s in their nature to assume the worst—Allison’s a federal prosecutor and Nicole’s a special agent with the FBI—so they decide to investigate even though they know they might be overreacting. Cassidy had texted them to let them know she was hot on a lead, but she’s not the type to bail completely, especially from a night with the other members of the Triple Threat, as they’ve called themselves ever since they met again at their 10-year high- school reunion and realized that their overlapping jobs might make them the biggest threat most criminals would ever see. When Allison and Nicole find Cassidy murdered in her apartment, the number of criminals they’ve triple-teamed provides a daunting number of suspects to sort through. But the two are convinced they should track the killer despite warnings from their bosses about meddling in a criminal investigation. With the help of idiosyncratic private investigator Ophelia, they’re determined to meddle their way to an answer to a crime from which they may never recover.

Fans may be dismayed at the demise of a key player, but the fast-paced writing and appealing characters go a long way to making amends.