THE PRIZE PIG SURPRISE by Lisa Campbell Ernst


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Gotten up to look like a classic of folklore--heavy purple-brown borders, stylized mock-etchings, a double-framed text and tiny inset drawings--this is a thin conceit about a fat pig, a lean pig, and that picture-book staple, truffles. Lean pig Emil, a true truffle pig, is purchased by a farmer to be fattened up; fat pig Burton, who's just heard of truffles from Emile, is purchased as a truffle pig. (Ask not . . .) Emil refuses to eat, frustrating the farmer; Burton can't find truffles, frustrating the farmer further. But, says smartie Emile, ""nobody has to be the harvest dinner."" Hefty Burton purshes open the pigpen gate; Emile teaches him how to hunt truffles; and the next day they proudly display their truffle pile to the farmer--""marching around and around. . . heads held high, each tail in a perfect curl."" So the farmer's guests feast on corn pudding and sliced truffles. The antiquarian decor does give this an appearance of some monumentality, even a certain mock solemnity. But there's no real wit and very little inventiveness.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard