I AM MY BELOVED: The Life of Anita Garibaldi by Lisa Sergio

I AM MY BELOVED: The Life of Anita Garibaldi

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They just don't make love stories like this any more--the brave and beautiful Brazilian girl who can fight like an Amazon yet is very model of gentle compassion and devotion, and the man she adored so passionately and followed so valiantly, the dashing, golden-haired Guiseppe Garibaldi, soldier of fortune, defender of liberty, and hero of the Italian Risorgimento--and it should warm the hearts and fire the fancies of romantic pre-adolescents and even romantic post-adolescents who don't mind such perfervid prose as: ""She was again a passionate woman, full of a joy so profound that he almost lost control over the surging desire that he well knew could not be fulfilled then and, indeed, might never be truly satisfied."" Although Lisa Sergio draws upon some previously untapped sources, far be it from her to puncture such a pretty story; the two lovers talk and act like living legends. But there certainly is enough drama and action to sustain an unblushing saga of this sort, from the first encounter in a Brazilian port when the stricken Garibaldi blurts out ""Devi esser mia!"" ""You must be mine!"" to the equally stricken Anita, through the heroism and hardships they shared in revolutionary campaigns in Brazil and Uruguay; the triumphal return to Italy, and the discouraging struggle for independence there, to the spectacular retreat across central Italy in which the sick and pregnant Anita refuses as always to leave her husband's side and dies in a forlorn farmhouse. Stranger than fiction but larger than life.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1969
Publisher: Weybright & Talley