WHEN THE FLY FLEW IN... by Lisa Westberg Peters


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The child has a unique reason to postpone tidying his room -- four animals are asleep there, and he's loathe to disturb them. A fly that zooms in has no such compunctions. The huge dog leaps to catch it, bis plumey tail inadvertently sweeping toy dinosaurs from floor to toy box and dirty clothes from bureau-top to laundry basket. The cat, taking up the chase, acts as a dust-mop, while the hamster nibbles up the crumbs and stray raisins that entice the buzzing insect. Last, the parrot leaves her perch, failing to catch the fly (which sails back out the window) but dislodging several cobwebs. Then, in the now immaculate room, the animals go back to sleep. Peters's (Water's Way, 1991, etc.) narration is brisk, and the premise is sure to tickle young imaginations, but best are Sneed's dynamic watercolor illustrations. Using close-ups, dramatic three-point perspectives, and a creative variety of full-bleed art and frames from which his animated characters escape at every turn, he alternates pell-mell action with peaceful interludes to bring out the story's full comic potential. Good, solid slapstick.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1994
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Dial