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by Lita Judge ; illustrated by Lita Judge

Pub Date: March 3rd, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-5344-3755-5
Publisher: Atheneum

An invitation to wary children to find strength within.

The author/illustrator advises kids facing a loud, frightening, unfamiliar situation, when “no one is listening” and when disappearing seems like a good idea, to concentrate on “the sound of [their] very own wings, beating within.” As depicted in the delightful, energetic pencil-and-watercolor illustrations, these invisible, though audible and palpable, wings help one fly away from fearsome experiences and enter a blissful, imaginary realm of “treasures” where anything’s possible. There, one might laugh, dance, gambol, and even shout among assorted nonthreatening companions. Indulging in flights of fancy, the story assures readers, can give one the strength and self-confidence to meet erstwhile scary problems with aplomb. This simple, charming story presents a young white child who finds the first day of preschool intimidating. Eyes closed and concentrating on the beating wings within, the child enters an enchanting forest of the mind filled with friendly, revelry-making wildlife. Once the adventure’s over, the child, now confident enough to “fly” in the real world, is shown having a genuinely joyful time with welcoming, diverse classmates. An especially captivating double-page spread shows the child’s wide-eyed face smiling out at readers, surrounded by the symbolic white doves that support her.

This sweet book offers a comforting and reassuring idea to help children through a tough time—or any time.

(Picture book. 4-7)