THE DEDICATED by Lizele Reymond


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Presupposing an interest in the East Indian way of life and philosophy (and the success of books in this category would indicate there being such a market) this is a rewarding study of a spiritual pilgrimage. Margaret Nobel,""the dedicated"", fell under the spell of Swami Vivekananda, Indian patriot and teacher, whom she heard lecture in London. Perhaps it was not too far a step for an ardent young teacher who had helped her own Irish countrymen fight for home rule to turn then to become a passionate advocate for India's freedom. She went out to India; as a follower of Swami Vivekananda she worked at the Ramarkrishna Mission and later established schools for women and children. In the story of her progress, the author reveals a thorough and abiding understanding of the impact of the Indian philosophy on the Western mind. This reads like fictionalized biography, with the resultant conflict between pace of story and authenticity.

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 1952
Publisher: John Day