HOLIDAY MOUNTAIN by Lloid & Juanita Jones
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**Three cheers- and two stars- for this one! It really has something, the best family story we've seen for a long time. The Campbells live in Colorado and tourists are their business in a district where the tourists come to fish and hunt and camp. Tom, the eldest, just out of high school, heads the family while Dad is in the hospital. Mom and David and Annette pitch in to do their share. They work things out as a team, with the looming problem of a loan due to be paid off the first of the year, five months to go in a race between time and the Campbells' ingenuity. They are likable, lively people, and the suspense is well- sustained and real, so that the reader has a personal interest in everyone and everything, from the people who stay in the cabins to Tom's problems when a blizzard snows them in for Christmas without fuel or food. We haven't enjoyed such a capable, laughable, self-reliant gang in many a day. It's terrific.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1949
Publisher: Westminster