GREEN LIGHT by Lloyd C. Douglas
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The Magnificent Obsession was a record breaking best seller and is still listed frequently as a ""best renter"" --Forgive Us Our Trespasses was less phenomenal in its success, but rolled up healthy sales figures for the trade. Now comes Green Light, just as fine a book as the first, and a better book than any the author has written since. The publishers have tremendous faith in it and are putting their biggest advertising push behind it, extensive space in trade journals, in the New York Times and the Herald-Tribune, and in outstanding metropolitan newspapers. Douglas has the faculty for telling a first rate story and preaching a first rate sermon at the same time. Dean Harcourt, strengthening influence on many of the characters of the novel, emanates a philosophy which every reader will find has in it an intensely personal message. The very modern application of his theory to the shared responsibility of every motorist on a crowded highway, makes a graphic appeal to a wide public. The story is that of a young surgeon who takes the blame for an accident rather than permit his idolized superior to lose his prestige. And then, in horror at what has happened, he runs away, trying to escape life. A good tale -- good romance -- and a wholesome admixture of sentiment and inspiration.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1935
ISBN: 1849026246
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin