INVITATION TO POETRY by Lloyd- Ed. Frankenberg


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An anthology with a difference -- and a very fine one for all anthologies are individual as Frankenberg points out. Palgrave's Golden Treasury represents Palgrave's favorites just as the Oxford Book of Modern Verse speaks for Yeats' individuality. No less does this represent the favorite poems of Lloyd Frankenberg. But it does more than that for a prose commentary between the individual poems tells his reasons for his choice and, more deeply than that, describes in a provocative way his philosophy of poetry. The book is therefor a fine essay on poetry amply illustrated. But one may read the poems, and they are selected by a connoisseur, and omit the prose- or vice versa -- and find plenty to reward and repay. An arresting collection, strung together in an original way, this should delight an audience seeking superior artistic fare.

Publisher: Doubleday