THE SLY ONE by Lockhart Amerman
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Posy Flower blossoms again, and it looks like you can count on his being one of the hardiest perennials around. Posy, incidentally, is the teenaged son of Major Flower (a distinguished member of the secret service), and the top sleuth in Guns in the Heather (1963) and Cape Cod Casket (1964). Readers are likely to agree with Posy's friend Mavid-- ""I wish our family would caper... your father's such a riot, Posy."" Posy's a riot, too, in both the literal and the slang senses--he always achieves the maximum fun out of the wildest confusion and the most extravagantly unlikely dangers. This caper takes place in the vicinity of Philadelphia and Long Island and points between-- suburbia at its exotic best--and involves rescuing the gypsies from a plot by the Sly One to take over their rule and turn them into a gangster organization. As always there's a large cast of fascinatingly eccentric characters involved in an exhaustive range of activities from a slapstick chase at a bargain counter in Wanamaker's to a strategic assault (bringing gypsy caravans into the line of fire) on an old house. A blooming good mystery for teens.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1966
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World