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KIRKUS REVIEW more of a pleasure cruise than the dangerous mission it was intended to be. The setting for the book is the Greek-Turkish war of 1827, when many Americans sent food and clothing to aid the impoverished Greek civilians. Tim and Phoebe Ashley are the twelve year old twin hero/heroine of the story. They were separated when they were orphaned and following a brief gothic discription of their two years alone (involving a cruel master, a dishonest lawyer, abandonment by their Godfather), their contrived reunion is brought about just before Tim becomes cabin boy and Phoebe stows away on the mercy ship to Greece. Handing out goodies to the emaciated Greeks keeps the twins entertained, and they even manage to be kidnapped for a short interval. In the page about the Author, Mrs. Allen coyly refers to the pair as ""two homeless American Madcaps"" and Tim and Phoebe do tend to react to their circumstances like nineteenth century juvenile jet-set equivalents. The historical setting is interesting but minor, and it doesn't offer enough foreign aid to the under-nourished story.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1966
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston