CAPTIVE WILD by Lois Crisler


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In The Arctic Wild (1958), Mrs. Crisler told of bringing home from an Arctic sojourn five wolf cubs; this is the story of the Crislers' attempt to raise the wolves in maximum freedom, and their adventures with a ""miniature"" wolf community in Colorado. Like all wild animal fanciers who attempt to not only raise, but acclimate, an animal in captivity, Mrs. Crisler faced the problem of protecting her charges from a hostile civilized environment, and yet preserving natural character and spirit. A remarkable free-form pen, encompassing a large area of uncultivated terrain, solved the problem to some extent, but when four of the grown cubs escaped and were shot, guarding against further escapes became a prime concern. Concentrating her attention on the remaining wolf, a beautiful creature named Alatna. Mrs. Crisler records nine years of the wolf's life as Alatna mated and produced cubs by half-wolf dogs; participated in a model wolf community; and exhibited winning wolfly behavior. An absorbing chronicle for animal lovers, although the final triumph of ""civilization"" over the animal community is inevitably sad and sobering. Cry wolf for all fanciers.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row