THE ARCTIC WILD by Lois Crisler


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Wolves are the chief actors in this book of life in the remote Arctic by the wife of a professional wild-animal photographer and ""Living with Wolves"" might well be its subtitle. Sent to the Arctic by Walt Disney to photograph caribou, wolves and other animals of those regions, the Crislers, naturalists and animal lovers as well as photographers, lived there for 18 months in a solitude broken only by occasional visits of the bush pilot, observing and photographing caribou and their migrations, learning about wolverines and ptarmigan, and above all living with wolves and loving them, taming wolf cubs and watching them grow to maturity, making detailed notes of their behavior and bringing five half-grown cubs home with them. Too long and with occasional lapses into over-sentimentality and a ""television style"", the book should be of enormous value to naturalists and students of animal behavior, and should appeal to both professional and armchair explorers and lovers of wild life.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1958
Publisher: Harper