SILLY MOTHER by Lois Duncan
Kirkus Star


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When Michael's fire engine turns up in the refrigerator and the baby's bottle in the toy box, the little boy is surprised. Later when the wool blanket is stretched across the table and the lacy tablecloth across the bed, Michael is really bewildered. But when puppy is found in the bureau drawer and the pajamas in the dog basket, Michael becomes alarmed. What siege of silliness could have possessed mother? It is time for a little boy to set things straight and Michael decides to impose order by doing a great many little chores himself. An extra helping hand was all mother really needed -- for busy, not silly, was she! Definitely a valuable lesson for all stay-at-homers and a clever way of teaching it for the mother who brings this book home to read.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1962
Publisher: Dial