TO BE A LOGGER by Lois Lenski


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Little Joe's father is a logger and a compulsive tree-cutter, who cuts down all the trees on his own property making their small house slide toward the creek; his mother is a spendthrift who lets tin cans accumulate in the corners of the living room: in a one-store town they live the life of the rural poor. In a series of barely related episodes, their story is told: Joe's camping trip, the cock-crowing contest, the forest fire, Dad's serious accident. Although we're not aware that Joe is trying to decide on a profession, the last chapter is dialogue pro and con the scientific methods of the Forest Service, ending with his decision to join up and reject professional logging; this, and the sissy description will certainly seem tacked on. A disorganized and not very gripping introduction to a disorganized way of life.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1967
Publisher: Lippincott