WE LIVE IN THE CITY by Lois Lenski
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Mike the newsboy, Angelo a Shoeshine boy and Shirley a rich penthouse girl are feel for an artistically sensitive story of city life that stretches through the year. The stories of the three children, who live near each other and all have nodding acquaintances, are told separately, but each one enters into the other. Selling papers in the cold winter, Mike tries to get Angelo to help him, sees Shirley come and go in taxi cabs, is given permission by Finnegan the cop to sell papers in a warm restaurant.. Shirley worries about her birthday party, her poodle Fifi, then meets Mike, who is always overjoyed to get what she throws out in the trash barrel, for some pleasant skating in the park.. Angelo's family is evicted, but his father gets another job and Angelo starts to shine shoes in the restaurant with Mike. A vigorous, entirely unsentimental social comment here paints life in its inevitably trying ironies, and its equally inevitable triumphs.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1953
Publisher: Lippincott