THE WAY OUT WORLD by Long John Nebel


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John Nebel, better known to the thousands who comprise his radio audience as ""Long John"", presides over a wee-hour discussion show on which are showcased some rather extraordinary individuals. Over the past years, Nebel has interviewed para-psychologists, palmists, yogis, astral projectionists, clairvoyants, voodooists, faith healers, hypnotists, and a Martian or two (sic!). In this book Nebel discusses these cults, the cultists he has known, relates some hysterically funny exposure incidents and, for the sake of orthodoxy, throws in some historical background material. Now Nebel doesn't ""buy"" any of this. But his mind is just open enough to have listened well and just sharp enough to recognize a good thing. Who, after all, is not interested in the latest on the ""Abominable Snowman"", or the claim that evil midget idiots inhabit the inner crust of the Earth, or a rehashing of the Bridey Murphy thing. Good anecdote material, all! Unfortunately, Long John stubbornly refuses to recognize that there are differences between verbal and written styles. He's sometimes random, often stylized in his informality, and, on several occasions, quite ungrammatical. Seldom, however, is he dull.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1961
Publisher: Prentice-Hall