NEW CONCEPTIONS by Lori B. Andrews


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A lawyer/journalist's guide for couples whose fertility problems have caused them to turn to outside solutions. Artificial insemination when the husband is infertile is an increasingly common procedure; but the last few years have also seen the introduction of in vitro fertilization (test-tube babies), egg donation, and surrogate motherhood when the wife cannot conceive--and even ""embryo adoption"" when both husband and wife are barren. Andrews translates these complex medical procedures, and related others, into easily understood terms. Her particular expertise, however, is in exploring associated legal matters. Would-be parents seeking the services of a surrogate mother, she notes, should look into her motives. ""One who wants to be a surrogate because pregnancy makes her feel special and womanly may decide to keep the child because motherhood does the same thing."" On the other hand: ""A woman whose sole motive is 'cause' may not have the commitment to continue with the pregnancy and may decide to abort."" For all pregnancies involving donors, careful legal arrangements must be negotiated: as Andrews' case histories illustrate, opportunities abound for challenges to parenthood and to custody rights. And once the medical and legal obstacles have been surmounted, emotional concerns remain. (""If your child begins life in a petri dish, you will probably want to tell him or her about the unusual beginning. . . ."") A sympathetic, informed update on a fast-changing field--distinctly ahead of others in the legal department.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's