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From the Mr. Beagle series, volume 1

by Lori Doody ; illustrated by Lori Doody

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-927917-31-2
Publisher: Running the Goat

When bunny mittens mysteriously vanish in Rabbittown, a newcomer investigates.

A pleasant place where “every bunny knew every bunny, and every bunny was friends,” Rabbittown proves less than welcoming to Mr. Beagle when he arrives and opens a corner shop. Unsure of this new dog in town, bunnies avoid Mr. Beagle’s store, leaving him bored. Then bunny mittens disappear; “soon every bunny had lost a mitt or two.” Using his “good nose for sniffing out trouble,” helpful Mr. Beagle explores Rabbittown, encountering the same scent everywhere a mitten is missing. Following the scent, Mr. Beagle notices “something fishy” about one particular bunny, leading to a surprising resolution that raises town awareness. The deceptively simple text engages in clever wordplay, including repeated use of the phrase “every bunny,” suggesting Rabbittown may be a great place for bunnies but not for others. Amusing, tiny signs scattered throughout Rabbittown cheekily reinforce the pervasive bunny theme (“Lapin Dancing,” “Sadie Hopkins Dance,” “Hip Hop Class,” “Hare Salon”). Neatly rendered in precise, thin, black outlines, the illustrations reduce buildings, animals, and objects to one-dimensional, colorful, simple patterns. Teeny rabbits, distinguished only by their size, fur color, and apparel, populate the streets and shops of Rabbittown, inviting readers to join Mr. Beagle’s thorough exploration of “every bunny” for clues to solving this charming conundrum.

A whimsically told, timely message of inclusivity with appeal to “every bunny.”

(Picture book. 3-7)