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by Lori Foster

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-335-04111-1
Publisher: Harlequin

When her boss, a wealthy collector, hires Brodie Crews to drive her on jobs to acquire "unique collection items," Mary Daniels fights her attraction to her new courier, but everything changes when a mysterious rival takes the hunt up a few notches, from competitor to predator, and her courier becomes her protector.

Mary’s introduction to Brodie is earthy and unprofessional. He’s shirtless, working under the hood of a car, and being fondled by a beautiful woman. Mary is unimpressed and tries to convince her boss to hire someone else as her driver, but the man won’t budge. Brodie makes it clear from the first that he’s attracted to her, which rattles Mary. She’s not used to reacting so strongly to men, and she’s surprised a man so virile and capable is interested in her. The two develop a friendly working relationship, each trying to ignore their attraction, but when a business exchange turns violent and Mary is attacked, Brodie’s protective instincts go red alert—much to her chagrin—and once she’s safe, they both throw caution to the wind and make love in the motel room where they've gone to clean up. Love is in the air, though neither wants to scare the other off by admitting it. However, when Mary’s attacker escalates his assault, determined to make the acquisition of artifacts a war rather than a competition, complete with thievery and bloodshed, Brodie becomes a great ally. If they can survive the experience, they just might find the courage to admit their feelings and seek a happy ending. A wounded heroine who keeps her feelings at arm’s length is foiled by a hero who is simultaneously laid back and deadly and determined to keep her safe and make her happy.

As usual, Foster delivers fascinating characters, intense sexual tension, and suspense that keeps readers glued to the page.