OF AMERICA by Loring MacKaye
Kirkus Star


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Cromwell's England, and a superstition ridden town are excitingly detailed in the strange story of John Barebody, who, under dramatic and romantic circumstances, saw his foster-mother accused of witch-craft and die of a heart-attack. John escaped with another old woman accused of dark crimes, and set out for America as an indentured servant. The old woman is hung as a witch on route; John is saved by one, John Washington, ancestor of our own George. Then follows the life as an indentured man in Virginia, and the role of Washington in establishing Barebody's true identity. A grand story withal. The added facet of an original ington coming to America and fighting his own battle for independence and protecting oppressed is a new angle, along with romance, mystery, plenty of adventure.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1947
Publisher: Longmans, Green