IT MAKE INTO A BED? by Lorna ovak


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It starts with a small smile as a pregnant mother of four surveys her breakfast table and wishes for virginity. The smile gets deeper and broader all the way through this very possible, very happy novel that examines the culture syndrome of American Womanhood and Beleaguered Men. Not since Hildegarde Dolson's The Form (among others) has the robust female been brought to life so recognizably. Jane is an earth goddess with a wild imagination, a wickedly funny tongue, and an uncomplicated if disorganized home. But when her step-sister, Marylee, escends on Smedley, Texas with a disdain for all things un-Eastern, she sees in Jane all that is wrong with Smedley. A Jr. League will cure all that, along with charge accounts and a dedicated social life. Frances Jane is difficult material to work with-- she doesn't know she's deprived- and she has protection, a husband and brother. This is Mrs. Novak's first novel and one could could hope that she will be as reproductive in print as her heroine is in the flesh.

Pub Date: July 26th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday