JUST PLAIN MAGGIE by Lorraine Beim


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Camp stories have a devoted audience, and this story, although touching upon some delicate family relationships out of the ken of many, will be eagerly pounced upon by old hands and novitiates alike. Maggie Lowell, twelve-years-old and starting to camp for the first time, was dreadfully homesick -- she missed her family and could not seem to understand the chatter and poised attitudes of the old campers with whom she bunked. There were very wealthy girls, one who even ""had dates"", and products of divorced families. However, success in swimming, understanding talks about personal problems with the girls, and teamwork, find Maggie a happy member of a jolly group at the end of the summer. The rather debatable inclusion of specialized family problems may detract from general identification interest, but the camp activities are related in a sprightly fashion.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace