WEST TO THE CARIBOO by Lorrie McLaughlin


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Tired of waiting to be sent for, the 12-year-old Davie strikes out with his teenage brother Jed, from Queenston, Ontario, to find Pa, who had last been heard from hunting gold in the Cariboo. The rugged, overland journey, beset by stagecoach failure, the rumor of Indians, shortages of rations and equipment, provides the excitement as well as information about trail guarding and guiding, together with hints on animal pasturing and cooking. The relationships of brother to brother and both to their party are well handled as in their gradual recognition of the courage and kindness underlying the annoying camaraderie of a loud companion. Davie has his triumphs, but they are a believable 12-year-old variety. The drawings do not enhance the book and the one depicting the re-discovered Pa is exactly opposite to his printed description. The happy nding cloys as Pa displays two beds made for much smaller boys, but that is mercifully brief. This is a low assay nugget in an otherwise played-out vein.

Publisher: St Martin's Press