A SHOVELFUL OF EARTH by Lorus J. & Margery Milne Milne
Kirkus Star


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An exploration of soil, its composition and properties, and the multitude of creatures that inhabit it, with a clear, vivid and exciting text, full of fascinating tidbits to intrigue the nature enthusiast. This should have wide appeal for school and public libraries. The simple experiments here can be done with household supplies; most require only a trowel or small digging tool, a hand lens, and careful observation. The author pulls together Charles Darwin's studies estimating the number of earthworms in an acre with current studies analyzing abrasions on grains of sand to determine where they have been. Chapters are included on special biomes: forest, grasslands, desert, arctic and alpine; and on food webs, food chains, and recycling with solar power. Glossary, index and bibliography. A welcome addition to the science and nature shelf.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1987
Page count: 101pp
Publisher: Henry Holt