THE WORLD OF NIGHT by Lorus & Margery Milne
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An enchanting book that draws the wistful neophyte nature-lover quickly into the watching circle as the mysteries of many kinds of night unfold. The Milnes range with almost disconcerting case from polar sea to tropic rain forest as they reveal amazing observations and life patterns. We explore with them and observe the dwellers of earth, cave, sea, coastline, jungle, desert, pole, who live out their days in a darkness to which they are adapted. We learn of the rattlesnake with its radar, ponder the mysteries of the rol migration to the Sargasso Sea or the flight of birds (only about 15% migrate). Is the Coriolis- force at work? Bats with their winter-long mating nurseries, snowshoe hares giving birth to offspring who hop along after their mothers as soon as they are born, are part of a story which includes a wealth of information on insects, plants and animals as they live and die. Carrying the reader from a technical conception of what night is to the wonders of living things all over the globe, this is a beautifully executed book.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1955
Publisher: Harper