GADABOUTS AND STICK-AT-HOMES: Wild Animals and Their Habitats by Lorus & Margery Milne Milne

GADABOUTS AND STICK-AT-HOMES: Wild Animals and Their Habitats

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Almost everything important to an animal relates in some way to its home."" With this for a binder the Milnes tie together ten chapters on topics as diverse as the lobster's life cycle and the practice of banding birds. They describe the mother beaver's life within her fairly permanent lodge, the hermit crab's restless existence in an ever-changing series of snail shells, and the habits of two kinds of ants, ""homebody"" and ""gypsy."" Among the more interesting chapters are stories of investigation and discovery: A biologist bands a community of bata and follows their moves as his meddling drives them from one day's roost to another; a gift received by missionaries from a remote group of Peruvian Indians solves the mystery of the chimney swift's winter home. Altogether, this is looser and less rigorous than previous Milne nature books, more suited to the series' chosen niche somewhere off the curricular path.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1980
Publisher: Sierra Club/Scribners