WATER AND LIFE by Lorus & Marjory Milne


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A far-reaching, immensely informed and provocative investigation into the part water plays in our existence and in the ways which we may apply to extend it as a resource comes to us from a top-notch scientific writing husband-and-wife team. Quoting Goethe (translated, ""Everything originated in water,/Everything will be sustained by water"") to make their point, they reveal how essential water is to all life. Then they apply their concern to the use and abuse of fresh water (the problems of insoluble detergents in biodegradation processes, of industrial waste and radioactive elements); the river and wetland; survey the adjuncts and aids to further moisture in dew and trees, in cloud seeding; explore the utilization of moisture in animals which function with more efficiency in this area than human beings; discuss the colonization of the sea and its boundaries, and the prospects of desalinization, now prohibitively costly; consider the question of the value of extended water impoundment and the loss of ""water over the dam"" that flows nused from small stream or great river to the sea. Why not a ranch of sea cows, Lerds of antelope, kankaburgers, inhabited desert caverns, wet pockets in life rafts? The Milnes propose a great many more possibilities for research and action in a book that is bound to receive attention, for its conservation aspects.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum