THE AGES OF LIFE by Los J. & Margery Milne


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Some time before the revelations of Ardrey, Lorenz, and Morris burst upon the best seller list, the Milnes had been quietly building a case for the structural and behavioral unity of living matter--from palolo worms to porcupines; mice and men. In this leisurely and far ranging study, the authors examine the phenomena of growth, regeneration and death. Beginning with the ""simplest"" growth--minute single cells, the authors dip into the most wonderful and unsimple discoveries of inherited control centers (genes composed of DNA). Then follow investigations of the many aspects of growth: the complex inter-communication between the organism and environment; the adjustment to change within and without; and the many patterns of growth with its crises and variations in evolvement. Invigorated, perhaps by their own be-ins at a multitude of dynamic events having to do with living organisms, the Milnes' view of human death encompasses both the excitement of attending to scientific frontiers, and a personal and happy recognition that we share a process in common with all life. Perhaps there is a ""Judas factor"" in our internal mechanism; perhaps our former allies, our ""protective agents"" gang up on us, ""like kamikaze pilots that have defected,"" which cause our demise, but after all, the authors remind us, a sunset has its glories too. Careful, clear-eyed popular science--with the gentle companionship of pleasant guides.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1968
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World