INTO THE DARKNESS by Lothrop Stoddard
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This is an important contribution to better understanding of the forces we are up against today, written by the author of The Rising Tide of Color, etc. He is not always easy reading, he hasn't the flair for the dramatic that swings one along in Gunther, he doesn't make his story so personal as Nora Waln. But he manages to give, in this record of what he found in several months inside Germany since November, a disheartening picture of high morale and 100% faith in Hitler, which discounts our wishful thinking that the crack will come from within. And he shows how it came about, why the Nazi party holds the nation. The youth movement, the labor front, women in Germany, the life of the people, rations of food and clothing, well-disciplined program of daily life, life on the land, in the factories of a nation mobilized for war. He interviewed the leaders -- he was given -- apparently -- carte blanche. And he has recorded what he saw intelligently. How much was concealed it is impossible to know. This is what he saw. We need this sort of record to prove conclusively that the task of uprooting totalitarianism is not easy.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1940
ISBN: 1849026130
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce