TRUE DECEIVERS by Lotte and Werner Pelz


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What is man? What is reality? What is truth and what is deception? When and where is man at home with himself?"" These are the questions to which the authors address themselves in this volume. They write ""in praise of the arbitrariness and absurdity of life,"" and identify their frame of reference as being concerned with teleology, ontology, and epistomology. The confusion of the Hebraic with the Greek sources of Western thought and spiritual outlook is given considerable attention, in an attempt to unravel the two and to give each its appropriate glory. Our outlook today is still ""the Greek dream,"" which has led to the ossification of the Hebraic prophetic spirit and the establishment of fate and destiny as supreme over the freedom of Yahweh. All Christ figures come as near the image of Hermes or Apollo as they do to the hero--""Joshua""--of the Gospels. The style of writing tends toward the abstract, and symbolic, and the reader is required to give close, reflective, attention. A certain sense of mulling over the enigmatic remains after perusing each page. The authors' earlier book, God is No More, in a way foreshadows the argument of this one. For serious, meditative, readers.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1967
Publisher: Westminster